Partner Connection

October 2018

Dear Partner,

Grace and peace to you and yours. I hope you had a good summer and were able to do some fun things. Remember, life is really short; don’t put off your plans too long.

We just finished our Week of Increase in Branson. The Lord really helped us with utterance and His presence. There were good times of fellowship with many who travelled from all over to come to the meeting. And with the addition of the Great Offering night, I can say that the ministry is in the best financial shape we’ve been in. All the glory to our gracious God.

Our next emphasis will be more outreach. Reaching more (people) with more (spiritual help) than ever before. (Acts 18:27) Please continue to believe with us for the expansion of the all-free Word Supply and now also the Faith School online classes.

We’ve included a message the Lord ministered to us recently through my wife Phyllis. I thought some truths came through in such a clear and powerful way that all of our partners should hear it. We are graced and anointed to be witnesses for the Master. The enemy will tempt us to yield to the flesh to the point that our witness is no longer effective, but if we will control ourselves and stay aware of the big picture, this won’t happen. Like the Master said, it should be the same with us: “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”

I would appreciate your prayers and words of faith as we begin our Pacific Rim trip in just a few days. (Our total trip mileage will be almost the same as circling the whole earth at the equator!) We will be ministering to ministers in three different countries. I’m expecting the Lord’s hand to be on us in a strong way and for there to be significant impartations to the ministers in each place.

Phyllis and I and all our staff thank the Lord for you and pray for you regularly. You are a strength and encouragement to us to continue and to do more. I believe the Lord is answering our prayers by helping all of us to redeem and make the best use of the time and opportunities we have remaining. The reward will be great; the fruit is forever.

Laborers together,

Keith Moore

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